by eltomboy

I started yoga as a physical education class in college. I thought it was so hip and new yorkish to say yoga counted as credit! I fell asleep at the end of every class surprisingly learned more there than any of my other gen. ed classes.

I practiced on and off for the last ten years, but never seriously and definitely not consistently, however my friend Heather has been an inspiration. She has grown significantly in the past year andi LOVE stalking her intagram for poses to copy and try. Tonight I vaguely was able to do this pose, but it was still fun to attempt. Plus with my post 2 baby belly and gusset crotch, it’s real sexy up in hurrr. (Jk) thanks to my cousin Sierra for snapping this pic. I think if I could do yoga solely of poses instead of all the translations I would enjoy it more, buuutttttt whatever. At least I’m still sorta flexible??? Here’s to more practice in 2015. image