Sick day

by eltomboy

My poor baby has had a horrible cold the past few days and it has been awful. The kind that makes you wanna cry because they look so miserable. We are usually a go go go type of family, but to heal up quick we laid around and watched movies all day. I’m so happy my dad and cousin are in town and super easy going so we were able to lay low. Wyatt basically drank only pedialyte and chicken broth and refused to eat. His fever spiked to 102 in the middle of the night so we came downstairs and cuddled up with a popsicle by the fireplace and watched some mindless TV. He started to feel better today, his cough isn’t every five minutes and his nose isn’t nearly as runny and he’s back to his regular smiley happy self. It’s hard to remember to stay put when one of your family members isn’t feeling well, but it cuts the sick time down in half. I hope none of us get sick for awhile, but if we do, I’ll have to be patient with myself and rest up. Mamas don’t have time to be sick!

Even when he’s so sick he still musters a kiss