Buffalo Gals

by eltomboy

I have realized lately that I am beyond lucky. I am watching my all time Christmas fave “It’s a Wonderful Life” and gosh it stirs up a lot of emotions. All of the feels, as they say. I have friends. I. Have. Friends. As lame as that may sound, it’s true. These are people that CHOOSE to be friends with me. They choose to be in my life. They don’t have to be, they’re not family, they have no ties stronger than the ones that bind us together laughing and giggling late into the night, or that moment when you see something that reminds you of them and you just can’t wait to show them, or that they would drop anything for you just to help you out without needing anything reciprocated.

I am in love with these people. Truly. I love them so much and place them on the highest pedestals that love can buy. I never speak an ugly word about them, I can’t even think of one, these are the most magnificent people on the face of the Earth. These are MY people. MINE. And once I realized how lucky I was to have them, I quickly understood that there was no wrong that they could ever do in my eyes. People fight with their friends and have all these tumultuous relationships, but my friendships are the most loving, strong and solid relationships I’ve ever known, how could I bash them in even the slightest way.

These people don’t have to be here, yet they are, day after day, year after year. I love them and they love me. Is there anything else more important than that? Happy Holidays everyone, hope you can swallow the moon, and let it shoot out of you just like Mary and I.