Polar bear love

by eltomboy

Recently I bought a bright cobalt blue wool coat with giant polar bears all over it. I fell in love with it the second I saw it. It’s huge and norwegian vintage, it’s basically my soul coat. Anyways, I’ve realized that I need to start surrounding myself with things I love and be my genuine self.

You know when you see someone that is just one hundred percent themselves? No question about it? Well lately I’ve gotten away from myself, even though I have to admit it is very hard to even remember yourself when you have babies, but I want to find the new me, me as a mom, me as a woman, me as me. I digress, so I bought a giant panda coat and every time I wear it I am so happy. When I dress for myself is when I feel truly genuine. And I think that is important.

I have been super harsh with my wardrobe lately. If I haven’t worn something in a year, I donate it. Just get rid of it. I have a pajama draw full of t-shirts I”ve collected over the years and for some reason they have some hold over me and I’m sick of it. I don’t even wear them, I just feel like I have to keep them for some guilty reason. I don’t like that an inanimate object can have that negative hold over me.  I also have a tendency to think because something was expensive I should definitely keep it, but if it’s expensive, but just sits there, what is the point? I do however, like when clothes have a positive effect on me. Like when I go through my closet in the morning and I can’t make a wrong choice because I love everything.

Having kids has made me take a long hard look at what really matters to me. And don’t get me wrong, I LOVE clothes, and shoes and make up and perfume and bags, but I don’t like hoarding things from the past that I USED to like. I have grown in more ways than one (I hate squeezing into clothes and with still losing baby weight I just bought new jeans a size up, IF I get back down to a size 24 like I used to be, I’ll toss my size 26’s and buy new jeans, but I don’t need 24’s sitting there just wilting away while my body changes) I don’t have time to feel uncomfortable in my clothes, I don’t have time to rifle through my closet every morning just to hate all my things, I want to be surrounded by things I love. Life is so much easier without all the nonsense.  I like a life of minimalism. I like knowing that everything has a spot. I like that we have too many hangers and not the other way around.

So, for about the past six months I have only bought things I thought would be functional and that have literally brought a smile to my face. Tim makes fun of me because I have a value algorithm I do when trying to justify purchases. If something cost a hundred dollars but I know I’ll wear it at least a hundred times then it costs a dollar a day! As I’m writing this I realize how silly it sounds, but it really helps me justify purchases and take pride in the clothing I do spend a decent amount of money on.

And now I will stop rambling and just wear my polar bear coat around the house and feel awesome. I suggest you do the same.

IMG_3746++ Thanks Kat for catching my error. I totally meant polar bears, not panda bears as is evidenced by the picture!