by eltomboy

Tim has been gone in China for a week now, my mom left yesterday, today is Wyatt’s half birthday and I feel so alone.

I let my little man take his nap in my arms today. He fell asleep while I was holding him and I didn’t have the heart to put him down. I don’t mind, I’ll hold him as long as he let’s me.

Im watching American Horror Story Freakshow and I’m obsessed. These shows are so good, weird, but good.

Last night I did a quick little workout that I found via Pinterest. I lost all my baby weight two weeks after Mara was imageborn, I just have to tone up. I’ve been running but it’s not enough. I realize that I just need a list of what to do and just go at it in front of the tv or while the kids are sleeping. I think it’s a good start and I loved breaking a sweat.

I also have kind of started my kids label Lazarus. Drop crotch leggings and little rompers. I always hated when babies leggings went to one side of their diapers, it looks so uncomfortable. So I started making pants for Wyatt and then Mara and with the encouragement of my best friend and decided to see if anyone wanted to buy them. I had a great response, so I’ll start sewing tonight. I hope to have ten pairs done by this weekend.

I guess this was just a little catch up, but it feels good to check in.