Wedding Planning

by eltomboy

So, in less than a year from now I will be marrying Tim. It is more hard to believe that I will be getting married than it was when I had kids! I always knew I’d be a mom, but I never imagined myself as a wife, ha! Kind of hard to explain, but this is a big deal. I am HORRIBLE at planning, so I’m super stoked I found a free wedding planner (she’s building her portfolio and I get to reap the benefits!) and my best friend/maid of honor is the most planned person I know, so I’ve got a crew to help me out.

All I know is that I want it to be a bash. Just a food fest dance party extravaganza. I already have my dress, I already have the location, and the invite list just keeps getting longer. I feel like with a destination wedding you can over invite because probably only half of the people will make it.

I’m also happy knowing that my family is contributing their talents in lieu of gifts to us. My uncle will be doing all the cooking, my cousin Sierra will be doing all the desserts, my aunts will be setting up itineraries for hikes and other outdoor activities (they have a cabin 5 minutes from the venue and know the area well) and most of my family will be helping to set up and break down the whole weekend. Can you tell we are doing a budget wedding? We are paying for everything ourselves, so we are being as resourceful as possible. There will be a shit ton of DIY happening ha. And as much as I like peonies, I think carnations will be the flower of choice!

Well, one good thing, I already found the beer we will be having. I will just have to drive over to Washington and buy it in bulk!