by eltomboy

I’ve been meaning to post forever and here I finally am.

Do you ever forget to breathe? Or not realize when the last time you took a conscious breath was? I do it all the time. I will notice at some random point that I have forgotten to breath all day. It’s a strange thing, because really you have been breathing all along, but it’s so easy to forget that you do. I usually notice when I’m uptight, stressed or mad and especially right before I fall asleep. I notice my face is scrunched up and tense and I usually have my hands balled up in fists and I take a deep breath, relax my face and just focus on myself.

What a rare thing these days. Focusing on myself. Everything I do is for my babies, my significant other and my dogs. In that order. I fall somewhere at the very end. It’s those moments when I remember to breathe how important it is to care for myself as well.  Going to try this week to put myself first sometimes and see what difference it makes in my relationships and as a mother. Even if it’s just walking the dogs by myself or buying something for me and not the kids and making myself coffee every morning before getting breakfast started. We will see how it goes.