4 am

by eltomboy

I wake up at 4 am almost every single day. Mara usually has to eat, but falls asleep right away. Wyatt will kind of get up and want a glass of water. Then I am left wide awake for roughly one to two hours. Typically I will lay in bed and listen to my whole family snoring, even the dogs, and look at instagram and craigslist (I’m addicted) and pinterest. Then I walk downstairs to grab a glass of water and look around the house debating if I should just stay up for the day, or try and go back to sleep. This is around 6 am. Then I wander back upstairs and fall back asleep until 9 or 9:30 when Wyatt decides to wake up.

The other day I switched it up a little. When I woke up at 4 I just got out of bed and started working on projects that I can never get to when everyone is awake. I was a little tired, but I felt so relieved getting some of these ideas out of my head and made into tangible objects. I have a lot of mending projects that I have let fall by the wayside and in the quiet of the early morning I was able to finish 5 things that had just been laying around patiently waiting for me. Then when I finally crawled back into bed at 6 am I passed right out and woke up with Wyatt at 9:30. I felt like a million bucks.

I guess if at this juncture in my life the only time I can find time for myself is at 4 am then I have to take it! When I’m with the kids I can barely keep my head on straight let alone get any housework done efficiently, then when Tim gets home I just want to hang out and I’m super happy to have another set of hands to help me out, then dinner, and tv, and picking up, then babies bed time, then movie, then we crash. I still nap with the kids during the day and plus whenever I try and work on stuff during their nap I feel like I am constantly checking to see if they have woken up, or my projects get cut short. At 4 am I can choose to go back to sleep or simply stay up working on whatever I want until they wake up. It’s a much longer/flexible chunk of time.

After my last carpe diem post I’m realizing that we have to take advantage of every minute we get and if I have to lose a little sleep to get necessary “Patria” time, I’m willing to do it. And I won’t feel guilty napping with the kids during the day. (I always want to do a smiley face at the end, but I hate that wordpress automatically turns it into a dumb emoticon, so just assume I’m smiling at the end of every post, ha!)