Mother of 2

by eltomboy

Holy shit. Being a mom to two little ones is quite a trip. It’s awesome and challenging at the same time. Yesterday we were at REI checking out winter gear and Tim went to go pay for everything and Wyatt takes off running to the tent section and I’m holding Mara without a carrier, so I chase after him and he starts whipping tent stakes all over the place and I’m cleaning them up after him and trying to be as patient as possible explaining that “we don’t do this and we need to pick up” and then he just lets loose and screams at the top of his lungs, so, while still holding Mara in one arm I grab him under the armpit with my other hand and hoist him up so I’m now carrying him under my arm and he’s still screaming, all the while Tim is having a nice conversation with the guy at checkout. He looks over at me just as I’m walking out of the store so my lunatic of a son is no longer deafening all of REI’s patrons.

I think it was the first time Tim actually saw what I do on a day to day basis. It didn’t even really phase me that I was capable of handling both of them and just dealing with the situation as it unraveled. It is definitely trickier to go to the store, or loading up the car, or carrying groceries in, or getting one to sleep just as the other wakes up, keeping Wyatt entertained as best I can with Mara breastfeeding at the same time, it’s probably madness if anyone were to just watch through the window, but now this is my normal. Psycho normal, ha!

The craziest part to me is, no matter how wild Wyatt has been all day, or how loud Mara cries, the second they are sleeping, I wish they would wake up again. I miss them, even when I’m staring right at them. To be a mother is to lose your mind on a daily basis, but having a heart full to the brim at the same time. It’s bizarre and I love it. Mara has been a dream baby, just like Wyatt was, so I consider myself quite lucky, even if I look like a maniac carrying two screaming babies out of the store like it ain’t no thing. Now if only my hair would be long enough for a ponytail so I can just throw it up in a top knot and have one less thing to deal with on a daily basis, that would be great. *dreams, sigh*