by eltomboy

It sucks. Bedrest sucks. My poor little guy is stuck with me and he must be so bored. I know I’m bored. More bad news from the doctor which is scaring the shit outta me. Need an ultrasound to make sure little miss is still growing properly, elevated heart rate and my glucose levels are high along with my stress levels. Depending on the ultrasound it could mean immediate c-section, or just having to keep on toughing all these awful contractions out. It’s hard to stay positive with so much negativity floating around. I know my little lady is alright, deep down in my motherly gut, but I can still be scared and worried. I’m super thankful I have my baby boy to keep my mind occupied for most of the day and amazing family and friends that support me and keep my spirits up. The same way I had a miserable pregnancy with Wyatt, in completely different ways, but miserable nonetheless, I hope I can look back on this one and see just how quickly it flies by and then once baby is here it’s a whole new ball game.