Spring Cleaning

by eltomboy

It’s about time that the warm weather came to Montana and with it, begins the spring cleaning. I mean this in more ways then one. I began by deleting over 200 instagram accounts that I was mindlessly following. I realized that I could never keep up with my feed and felt overwhelmed by it, so I avoided it. However, I didn’t want to avoid it, I really enjoy instagram, so I started unfollowing. One account after another, I won’t name names, but there are quite a few bloggers that I’ve followed for years who have begun to grate on me, so instead of spending my time hating them and bitching about the, I just unfollowed them. I felt a weight lifted immediately.

Step one to spring cleaning complete.

Then I started purging our house. Closet first. Why do we have such sentimental feelings about clothes? It also doesn’t help that I’ve gained 16 pounds thus far and can’t fit into anything, but I just started getting rid of everything I haven’t worn in the last six months. Just bagged it up and out the door. I even went through Tim’s side of the closet as well. He’s turned into sporty spice since living up in Montana, so why keep all of his fancy clothes that he NEVER wears? Out the door. Then I hit up every room. Kitchen had lots of mismatched plates, random baby stuff we never used, and gadgets galore. Got rid of it all. No room was left untouched. By the end of it, I felt free.

Step two complete.

Then the craft room. This is it’s own monster. Not even considered a part of the house because it is so crammed with projects and materials and anything you could think you’d need to begin any project. Felting? Sure. Knitting or crocheting? Yes sir. Letterpress? you bet. Fly tying? Yup. Wanna make a teepee? Just enter the craft room and you’ll find everything you need. So, this room called for some special attention. These rooms tend to get messier and messier and oft left forgotten. I spent a whole day pulling everything out and organizing. I had the bare bone structure for organization in place, so it was a matter of just putting things away, folding fabric and taking huge trash bag to throw scraps and leftovers out. I guess there is not much to get rid of, but once that room had a little love I was so incredibly happy and wanted to start fresh projects, pure joy.

Step three complete.

Now for my personal life. This is somewhat along the lines of unfollowing people on instagram, but I needed to rid myself of all the negative people and thoughts that I feel have been building up around me. I found myself complaining just to complain, texting my best friend just to bitch, looking at peoples social media pages just to hate on them, nagging to my mom about anything and everything. I hate when I get into this rut. I would look at my texts to Tim during the day and I sounded like such a drag. I didn’t realize it while I was doing it, but looking back or reflecting on my day it would stress me out. I don’t want to be that person. I want to bring my friends up, bring happiness, laugh, be light and feel light. I definitely wasn’t there. Don’t get me wrong, having a best friend to vent to and a mom that loves you no matter how awful you can be is essential, but I was like that all the time. So, I started slowly but surely changing my attitude. Sending Tim random lovey dovey texts during the day. Telling my mom sincerely that I love her, not just when I hang up and say good bye. Emailing an old friend just to say hi. Making sure my best friend knows everyday that she is amazing and can do anything and is capable of everything. This is a process. It does not happen overnight and it’s still not complete, but it has made a big difference for me. I also think the boost of vitamin D and spending time working in the garden helps greatly.

Step four not totally complete, but definitely on my way.