by eltomboy

My baby girl turned 3 a few days ago.

We’ve come a long way my sweet girl and you are the most wonderful gift I ever gave myself. Always patient with me when I’m crying into your fur or squeezing you too tight, sometimes I’ve felt like you’re the only being in the world that understands me. You have always slept on the floor right on my side of the bed and the countless times I must have shocked you awake by stomping on your tail or leg climbing out of bed in the middle of the night, but you’ve never yelped or snapped, you just scooch out of my way and fall back asleep. You know when you’ve been especially clever, like the time you slipped a whole pizza out of a closed pizza box and tricked us all into thinking there was still a whole pizza to be eaten, yet you had a belly full of cheese and pepperoni. Or the time you slid a lid off a pot, not all the way off, just far enough that you could stick your sneaky little snout in the pot and eat the top layer of delicious chili. And boy do you know when you’re in trouble, but I can never stay mad at you for long. How could I, with those eyes? I always thought you were so beautiful even when you were a little fluffball and little did I know that I would never be able to wear black again without finding traces of you all over. Now that you’ve grown though, you’re even more gorgeous. You let Wyatt climb all over you, he even grabs your toes which even I can’t do! I never mind letting you out in the middle of the night if your tummy is bothering you and you always wake me up by laying your big head on my neck while I sleep and let me know you really need to go out. You love to play, more than any of our other dogs. If you could, we would play keep away and fetch all day long. You really give my arm a work out. I love how you love me Frida. If only everyone was so lucky to have a pup as great as you. Happy third birthday Freeds, hope we have a million more. I love you.