Fresh Start

by eltomboy

With fall I feel a renewed spirit. Time to prepare for winter, settle in, slow down a bit.

I’ve been absent on this blog because it causes me immense pressure to keep it up, instead of being a place of fun and excitement. I’m still working on finding my voice, my direction, my meaning, but I suppose as long as those things are constantly evolving you can’t beat yourself up too much. My best girl Kat recommended I set up a schedule of sorts, and when I say schedule, I say it the British way in my head. Every. Single. Time.

Anyways, yes, a sheydwool for this ole blog here. Maybe, Wyatt/Mama post Mondays, Weekly wears Wednesday and Funday/Crafty Fridays and of course a smattering of other bullshit in there, like wedding planning, current happenings and probably some spectacular Montana nature shots.

Not that anyone is really reading, but I think if I have something to cling to, albeit online, I’d be a happier person. Ok. Let’s try this again. Rinse. And repeat.


Vintage Military Jacket, how rare to find a XS at the thrift shop? Obsessed though. Dress from Target. Boots by Sam Edelman. And I have total white girl legs here, I think I’ll wear tights next time. And Wyatt’s awesome winter outfit is from Tokyo, bought by Tim on a trip before Wyatt was even born! Love it. And yes, I Simba pose my child every chance I get.