Teething sucks

by eltomboy


Poor little guy, teething is starting early and he is one unhappy camper. Hopefully this phase doesn’t last too long.

On another note, I’m starting an instagram shop, I know, I know, everyone has one these days, but I think it’s the best place to do quick sales without having to do the whole online store thing. I had an etsy for el tomboy and it was extremely daunting and really, it’s so supersaturated that it’s hard to promote.  Hopefully this one takes off, even if just a little bit. It’s basically going to be awesome thrift finds and some hand crafted things I’ve been making. I want people to think of it as a gift shop of sorts, full of goodies that you want to buy for your friends and family, one of a kind things that you can’t find anywhere else. Fingers crossed it all goes well!