by eltomboy


This was an accidental shot that Tim took while fishing today and I think it is so rich with texture that I want to blow it up and frame it. A great reminder of how eventful and full this summer and year has been.

Time is flying by and I have been super busy, which I think is a good thing.  I have barely been keeping up with instagram, twitter or blogging, but I do these big random bursts and catch up on as much as I can and then lose track again. I think it’s a sign that we are really  living life, which for me isn’t always easy to say.

For the first time I have been keeping a journal, more like a log, I guess of everything that Wyatt has done and I have to say, for his mere 11 and a half weeks, we’ve done tons. It’s refreshing to have a physical copy of his day to day. I hope he appreciates it one day. And we have so much more coming up! Going to LA to see friends and family (I cried to Tim one night that I missed my bestie Kat so much that he promised to book me a ticket, I’ll be there in 2 weeks!) and then 3 weeks after that we go to Belize! 

I’m telling ya, we’re really living these days and it’s not always just travel, it’s the little things as well. Spending time in the yard together, enjoying our new friends company, playing fuseball on a Thursday nights, making more dinners at home, it all adds up to a very fulfilling and happy life.