by eltomboy

ImageI don’t know exactly what happened this past week, but so many important people from all stages of my life have re-emerged and have shared with me their sweetest thoughts on our relationship and the effect I had on their lives. It is just so serendipitous with the soon arrival of this little baby. I feel like I needed the boost to get me through these next couple of weeks and without even asking, loved ones came out of the woodwork and fulfilled my needs.

A few nice words can make a week, but the overflow that I was given has made my year. I tried to convey to my friends how much what they said meant to me, but I don’t think I will ever be able to properly tell them. Thank you everyone I am very grateful for all the love in my life right now.

On another note, this is a very honest to god tired pic taken of me yesterday. These pants are my stretchiest and even these I’m struggling to fit in. Yikes, big, tired and ready. Soon little one, soon.