by eltomboy

I’ve been lagging. I know, I know. Dinosaur Toes tweeted this the other day, “I love finding a new (to me) blog that I can stalk. But then I get to the first post and need a new blog to stalk.” I immediately related. There used to be this blog Red Leather Yellow Leather that I was OBSESSED with and then one day, she just stopped. Now checking back I see she moved to Tumblr, but she still isn’t super active on there. (Speaking of, Tumblr is fun or whatever and I go through spurts of posting, but pinterest is. just. so. awesome.) I just thought she was so cool and even though she never posted anything specific I always liked checking back to see what she was up to. This was before google reader and everything, back when I’d bookmark blogs and check through them everyday hoping they would post something new!

Anyways, I think as much as I like very focused blogs that I always go to because I always know what I’m going to find, I also really like just regular people blogging their daily lives. There are so many interesting people out there and the internet really is an incredible tool to find people from every walk of life. I know every popular blogger will tell you all the rules for getting followers and keeping an audience, which is great, but sometimes I just like to read what regular people in regular places are doing. And every once in a while I will find a super fun blog with cool people just living their fantastic lives and I love it. I also feel like I can see the authenticity when they aren’t trying to be huge blogs, just being themselves. If they happen to get big, great, but if not, they still just love posting for posting sake. 

Basically I’m realizing that this blog will soon be overrun with baby photos and mama posts and I suppose although it has never had a direction whatsoever (if you had to make a broad stroke you could categorize it as “lifestyle” but still) reading back I’ve blogged almost 4 years  (2009??) and I like seeing what I had to say. It sucks that when I transferred my blog over to wordpress it got all fucked up, pictures, etc, but the memories are still there. This has to be my most consistent thing to date and even though it’s all over the place, I’m proud of it.

 Image I took this picture at 35 weeks and 3 days and you can’t even see my belly! I promise there is a big ol’ kicking baby in there. Only 4 more weeks left. Yikes!