New Headboard

by eltomboy

So, I’ve become Pinterest obsessed and my friend Kat pinned a picture of this headboard that I knew I wanted to make immediately. It was so easy, well Tim did all of the handy work I just held the pieces of wood together, but come on, he couldn’t have done it without me. At least that’s what I tell myself. I was going to buy new rope to use, but just went through my plethora already lying around the house and had a pretty good color combo going on, so I just used what I had. The whole project cost less than 20 bucks. I have to say my favorite part about having made it is every time Tim walks into the bedroom he makes a comment saying how he likes it, or how awesome it is, or what a good job I did. Soak it up sucker, I’ll be making more house projects just for the verbal affirmations!