by eltomboy

WordPress seems to be losing a few of my posts lately. :/ That’s annoying.  Anyways, for the first time ever I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. It was fantastic. I always feel so uncomfortable taking pictures in museum’s so I only took a few, but the ones I did take turned out pretty decent. I loved walking through that paper door, I asked an attendant if I was allowed to and all he did was smile, I’ll take that as a yes haha. I’m telling you, for as much as I LOVE museums, they make me sooo nervous. I think that’s why I love the Met so much, more people, more chattering, more kids, it feels alive. Granted we went to this museum on a Thursday at 2 in the afternoon, maybe if it had been a Saturday it would have felt different. Still, I highly recommend it and will definitely come back.


ripped doorIMG_1916parent trap