Merry Christmas

by eltomboy


Wow! Has it been a whirlwind. Merry Christmas, firstofall. Tim and I missed it because we were driving up to Montana! And we made it. Left Los Angeles at 3 in the afternoon on Christmas eve and arrived at 10 on Christmas morning. Incredible. I have some horrible pictures, but figured I’d put them up just to remember this crazy wonderful time. IMG_0117 IMG_0123 IMG_0126 IMG_0131 IMG_0138 IMG_0145

1. Presents piled high. 2. Flash is too bright. 3.I think someone liked their GoPro. 4.Sleepy laughing eyes. Super excited about my MadeWell boots. 5.Tims’ makeshift Christmas tree since we didn’t have much of a chance of decorating. I love it.