Baby Hat slash Birthday

by eltomboy

Oh hi there, cutest hat I ever did knit! I know it’s hard to tell from this picture, but it’s really quite small, perfect for a little one, boy or girl! I used fresh alpaca wool that Tim brought me from Patagonia, Chile this spring to put this little number together. Not sure if you’ve ever dealt with fresh wool, but it’s stinky and greasy and amazing to knit with. I wish more of my skeins came a little oiled up, rolls off the needle much smoother.

Apparently I forget to blog over the weekend, guess that’s a good thing… we ran so many errands, started so many crafts, laughed so much, just didn’t have to time to get to it. Plus my birthday is on Thursday aka Thanksgiving, so basically this is the most important week ever. For real. Let the party begin!