by eltomboy

See, I wasn’t kidding when I said I braid Kat’s hair all the time. I know this collage is kind of sloppy, but it contains a broad array of the many different type of braids I’ve tried on her hair. These pics span months, someday we plan on doing some videos to teach others how to do these braids as well. Someday….. Until then.

1. Waterfall braid. 2. Three knot bun 3. Outside crown braid 4. Wrap half braid 5. Three overlay braid 6. 2012 Olympics braid! 7. Upside down french braid into top knot 8. Three fall braid with violet ombre 9. Circle crown braid 10. Wrap braid 11. Double twist braid 12. Sloppy french braid 13. Crown braid 14. Double bun undo 15. Fishtail 16. K braid for Kat!