Pink Print

by eltomboy



Just fucking around with markers and here’s what you get. I forget how long it takes to warm up. It really should be a more regular habit, especially if you expect to be any good at it. I do find that quick sketches with fine tipped pens and markers tend to be my favorite and more in line with my style, but there is something so fun about fat markers and just going for it.

I also need to get better about dating my sketches, I found some old goodies from lord knows when. I wish I had more of a chronological timeline of my work, just to see how I’ve developed and changed. Now I know why parents date everything that their kids churn out!

Oh, and check out this song. I know it’s old news, but once again I can’t stop listening to it. ” I got so much I wanna do, I ain’t got much time, so there must be somebody up above, so come on baby girl, ya gotta get back up”