New tattoo

by eltomboy

Friday the 13th Tattoo! Little scissors for my mama. I’ve realized that the majority of my tattoos are actually for my mama. Funny how that works.

I had a lot of fun with the guys at Broken Art Tattoo, as usual. Josue did an amazing job with my little 40 dollar decoration and Aaron is a constant source of entertainment, I highly recommend this place and any of the guys that work there.

I forgot to post this from forever ago, but my fave girls over at Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno had asked if I had gotten the compass I had been dreaming about and indeed I did! I have to say, for all of my rib tattoos, the foot hurt more than the others. Although I have a high threshold for pain, that little foot hurt!

Needless to say, go to Broken Art Tattoo for your next tattoo. Jeremy and Josue are incredible.

Silverlake/Los Angeles 2400 Hyperion Blvd 90027 323-661-4777