Fear nothing, sweet child.

by eltomboy

Lately I’ve been thinking about copy cats and originality. Now, I tread on this topic lightly because I know how it swirls around the blogosphere and every independent artist has run into it in one way or another. I fortunately have yet to have this terrible thing happen to me, but the more and more public I am becoming with el tomboy, the more scared I am. I found myself guarding my every thought, idea, spark anything and everything! It was exhausting.

It all started when I thought I had first come up with my brand name and immediately someone I know closely wanted to become “business partners”, seventy/thirty in their favor, telling me I’d do all the work and they’d take all the credit. I was heartbroken. Never before had I felt so taken advantage of and fearful of my own creativity. My ideas are so worthy that someone would want to take them from me! It had never occurred to me and ultimately made me rethink everything.

I grew up with people supporting me, encouraging me, pushing and prodding me in both my creativity and endeavors. I consider myself extremely lucky to have gone this far in my life and career and to only just now run into this. I believe that since I have such a strong support system surrounding me I am dealing with it more properly than I would have if it happened to me when I was just starting out.

Here are 5 ways that I handle this issue constructively:

1.) Let it go.

2.) Give your best ideas away and before you know it, you’ll have even better ones.

3.) Always, always, always, keep creating. Don’t stop, ever.

4.) All art forms are circular, rotating, repeating, everything is recycled, yours included. Accept this and move on.

5.) You are the best at being you, no one else is you, so continue on being truly you. With your chin up, shoulders back, moving forward and onward.

Basically, the more you focus on the bad, the more you get, try and stay positive in the knowledge that you have the talent and ability to continually evolve and create. I urge us all to go forth without fear.