Ok, I just need to get started

by eltomboy

Joshua Tree, CA May 2011

Hi all! I’ve switched from Lello & Bu to el tomboy!! After much consideration, I just realized that I had grown out of l&b and needed to make something better. I have transferred all of the content from the last blog, but will change the direction and make this more solid. I just felt lost at the last blog and when I took a nice long break I realized how much I really missed blogging, but not under those old pretenses.

So, here will be my new fresh space! I’m still building it up, but I already feel confident that starting something new will inspire me and kickstart more of my creative endeavors.

I am currently writing from my guy’s laptop which has no pictures on it, so I’ll be back tomorrow with a brand new introduction of me and my little family. Needless to say, it already feels good just to be saying hello and getting back into the swing of things. That pic up there is from a recent camping trip to the desert. We left in the dead of night and stayed up to watch the sunrise, it was possibly one of the best nights of my life. This summer has already begun and I am beyond excited to share all of my adventures with you. I think this summer is going to be one of my favorites, so tag-a-long with this tomboy and I promise you won’t be disappointed 🙂