>I am in love

by eltomboy

I am here.

Eating these.

And acting like this.

I am having the time of my life. I wish I could stay here forever. Today is my last day here and I am going to make the best of it, even though my head is about to roll off and smash all over the floor, I absolutely cannot drink champagne and I ordered whatever amber was having and I wouldn’t dare send a drink back, so I just sucked it up, pun intended. Then we added vodka, yikes, my arch nemesis. Let’s also not forget that I had 4 beers at dinner. What? It was very slow service. regardless, this morning I at least was able to sleep in until 9 and just hang out for a few hours by myself. Last night was so worth it. I’d do it again and again.

Anyways, is it sooooo tacky to buy a j’taime Paris tshirt? I hope so, because I want to be that tacky in love with Paris! You know those people that come back from trips and start acting like they know the language and use it in America? Like the ones that call Milan, Milano. (with a dramatic accent for effect) or bonjour like they are really saying hello? Ugh, no no the absolute WORST to me is bon a petit. Murder me. You’re in America for heavens sake. However, when you’re actually in the designated country of which whatever nauseating term you choose to use, you are perfectly allowed to. Suddenly it is completely ok! I even partake even though its terribly embarrassing to hear my terrible accent compared to their perfect one, but I digress. Oh! Another horrific one is the use of cheers as an email sign off. I’m cringing just thinking about it!

I have to run out now, last day in Paris!