by eltomboy

>So here’s the deal people, I’m in Paris. WHAT?!?!? yes, I finally made it here and I’m just about to run out the door for a rough
and tumble work week, but that’s the way I like it anyways 🙂

I am once again going to lie and say I’ll be posting pictures, but I’m really taking a lot this time! So, hopefully if i can find a dumb converter for these goofy outlets I can email from my phone, blah blah blah. And
can we just give me a major high five for packing like a pro? I am a pretty quick learner and my suitcase can attest to that.

I’ve been super spoiled by the lovely LA weather because I’m awake at 7:30 and wondering why the sun isn’t out! Haha not really helping with jet lag, but don’t worry about me I think I’ll make it.

I’m off! I’ll try to update as best I can, oh! There was a mouse at the Lebanese restaurant we ate at last night! I thought I was just seeing things! And it was a nice restaurant! (side note: I cannot spell the word restaurant! Autocorrect fixes me up every time!)

I’ll check back soon !!! Au revoir!