>A night of thinking

by eltomboy


This is what happens. A hearty pile of sunflower seeds.

In front of my computer screen.

It’s been a long night, and I’m not really sure where it is going. I’m watching TED speeches and feeling quite inspired, yet not enough to do anything on my own. Some nights are better that way, no?

I have so much to do before Paris on Monday that I can hardly wrap my head around it. I journaled like crazy tonight to at least get it all on paper and off the squishy parts of my brain pushing out through my hair follicles and stressing me out.

It’s super bowl weekend, so I’m expecting a pretty good time, PLUS! plus my very good friend Heather  is having a special bday Saturday night, that I can’t wait to celebrate 🙂 Lots of dressing up in my future 🙂
Especially to wear my John Elway jersey 🙂 hahha

Ok good night people, hope you had a more still night, than racking your brains over sunflower seeds!