>Shoes, ohmygod, Shoes

by eltomboy

>I’m not much of a shoe person, but damn! hot damn, actually!




I know, I know, some are sold out, the friggin PENDLETON’S!!! I cleared out my closet, big time tonight. I needed to clear space for spring shopping, and PLUS, why keep all the shit I don’t even wear? I want a closet full of things I love, not just things I’m hanging onto, just because. I have 2 garbage bags full of shirts, pants, dresses, shorts and shoes, and I have never felt better. You know when you can actually slide your hangers around and not just have them crammed in there? HEAVEN!

Anyways, now that there is cleared space, I can definitely fit all of these shoes. And given the fact that since I have broke my right foot (long story for another day) and don’t really wear high heels, there is something to be said about the unbelievably amazing Betsey Johnson ones. I might even venture far enough to say it’s a possibility I’d wear these almost every weekend 🙂 Definitely not work days, because let’s get serious, heels and pattern making don’t go. hahah