>Happiness is a warm gun? or the development of pictures?

by eltomboy

>Happiness is a gap toothed smile from a 4 year old.

I am in the process of organizing about 4 years worth of photography and man is it exhausting. Especially because I’m the type of photographer who takes about 50 shots of the same thing, to let the subject “warm up”. Come to think about it, it’s probably me that needs the warming up haha.

So for one year, 2010, I weeded through thousands of pictures and picked the 600 best ones. Shutterfly.com is going to get a handful of Patria pics! My resolution for this year is to print at least once a month, so here’s my printing for January!! Remind me in February because I’m sure I’ll forget by then, ha!

I wrote on twitter earlier that after uploading so many pictures I realized how great 2010 was. It’s easy by the end of the year to disregard all those little moments, but really when I have pictures of torn knees of jeans, places around the USA, countless beach scenes with multiple friends, parties galore (sorry mama, beer in hand seems to be my picture taking pose, much to your disappointment!) and the love of my life, I know that I wouldn’t have spent the year any other way.

This wasn’t meant to be a new years post as much as it’s shaping up to be, but oh well!

600 pictures are coming in the mail, any photo book suggestions????