by eltomboy

>I was the kid that took a deck of cards and organized them by suit and numerically.

I like to have french movies playing or country music on when I’m working on projects.

If I’m chewing gum and I order a fountain drink, you better believe the already been chewed gum is on the lid of said cup.

I like salt. On everything.

I get strep once a year, usually around March. That’s the only time a year I’m usually sick.

I don’t like wine. Every time I try and drink it I get splitting headaches and it makes me puke. Italy is wasted on me.

I prefer lakes to oceans. I can’t remember which Vonnegut book it is in, but he says something along the lines of feeling like he is swimming in chicken soup in the ocean and I agree.

That’s all I’ve got for now folks, who are you?

oh, and this is my favorite way to tie dye. I rubberband pennies in the fabric!