>Dress for Baby

by eltomboy


I am at this point delusional, no joke. Last night I woke up at 2:30 in the morning and couldn’t fall back asleep until 6:30?!!?!? What the hell? Does this happen to other people on a regular basis? Sorry if I overdid it on Facebook a little bit, I had no choice, I couldn’t fall back asleep! 
I worked a super long day, have another super long day in front of me tomorrow and still have work projects to do tonight, gahhhhhh! All day designing and patternmaking, then now editing images for a top secret collection, and then at the factory alll day tomorrow overseeing production of AW11 samples. Sheesh louise, I’m going to collapse! 
Anyways, enough about me!! Here’s the newest baby dress for little Tristan who was born last night 🙂 I used my same template as before, but did all hand pleating instead of shirring. And I love the little pleat detail over the shoulder. I’m in love. I could make baby dresses all day, although I did make a kick ass pair of leggings today that I wish I could have NOW! I digress….
Here’s the dress! 

I added under a pleat a little red ribbon for good luck. You can’t see it unless it’s flipped up, but I love the hidden surprise 🙂
What do you think??