>Evidence of Creativity

by eltomboy


I was on the verge of writing this sad, sappy, complainy post, but I decided not to, in hopes of possibly changing my outlook. The madness that is swirling behind my eyes right now has no chance of calming down in the near future so I might as well make as many things as I can with all the creativity that is bursting out of each hair follicle.

Sometimes, when you have nothing left in you a beacon of light bursts through you and suddenly all is clear again. No Netflix tonight, just music, No talking, just thinking, No doing, just creating. It was divine. I am physically exhausted, but my eyes are shining 🙂 This too shall pass.

Evidence of Creativity.

Please excuse the poor lighting. Just didn’t feel like making it look all faux cool workspace. This is the real deal people. The farthest I went for you tonight was to stand on my 4 wheeled work chair to get an aerial view which almost resulted in me falling and cracking my head open. So, on that note, enjoy 🙂