>Can you believe I work?

by eltomboy

> I have been an Assistant Designer for Amber Sakai for almost 3 years now and I NEVER TALK ABOUT IT ON HERE. Why? I don’t know, I just always thought I would keep work and personal life separate, but I think it’s about time they merged.

I have worked with this company since it’s little baby beginnings and we are finally about to take off, I can feel it! London Fashion Week was a big hit, with the likes of Queen Michelle over at one of my favorite blogs, Kingdom of Style, wearing a few of our pieces šŸ™‚ And Susie Bubble tracking down Amber wearing her toile hoop skirt.

Queen Michelle of K.O.S in Asymmetrical Top and Pirate Pants
Beautiful model Tenna in Keyhole top and Hoop Skirt
We just opened up our online shop and are adding new styles from the AW10 collection. Feel free to check it out and shop away! ambersakai.bigcartel.com
Also, if you go to our website, you can see where to connect to our Facebook, blog and twitter, and I would be so honored if you all might do me a favor and follow šŸ™‚ We are building up our social media and want to be able to show as many people as possible all of the cool things we are always doing. 
And if there are any questions about Fashion Design, how to get into it, where to start, schools or whatever, I would love to give some answers and advice! I will hopefully do a whole post in the near future entailing all that I do for work. 
Thanks for checking in tonight, hope you had a good one! 
Oh and Happy Birthday to one of my favorite bloggers, JEREMY LARSON!! Hope it was excellent šŸ™‚