>I made a hat tonight

by eltomboy


Nothing special really, just a little beanie. Felt like whipping out my knitting needles and using some of my favorite yarn ever. It just turned into this. Sorry for the horrendous iphoto pic, I will have a chance to take better pictures this weekend hopefully. If it finally cools off…. and hat wear is appropriate!

Oh, and I was thinking about accessories tonight and how I’m not much into jewelry or feeling over the top bedazzled, but there are 6 rings I wear everyday. First and oldest is my silver band from Hawaii. Worn on my right hand middle finger. I have loved this ring forever and haven’t once taken it off since I visited Hawaii. Then I wear my mama’s wedding band. Gold, simple, beautiful. My dad gave her a new ring recently and since she never wore this one gave it to me last xmas. Then I have 3 stacking rings that are skinny skinny skinny with tiny eensy weensy little crystals center front. Those are all worn on my ring finger on my right hand stacked up. Then the only ring I wear on my left hand is on my middle finger a little silver band with a horse and horseshoe . I bought this just this summer and have fallen in love with it. This is the only jewelry I ever wear and NEVER take it off. Just my rings. So, if you ever want to get me something, a ring’ll do. 🙂

Hope you all had a good night I’ll be back tomorrow!