>A Little Late, but you understand, don’t you?

by eltomboy

>Yes, I said yesterday that I would post my 10-10-10 list and go figure, I forgot. And I even wrote it out in my sketch book!!! So, today you will get a 10-11-10 list. 11 things! Isn’t that even better??

1. Late night slumber parties. The other night Pete got home from work at 5:30 in the morning, so I stayed up all night and at 5:30 am we pretended like it was 5:30 pm and we both just got home from work. We cracked open some beers and watched a movie until about 7:30 and then slept the entire day away. I absolutely loved it πŸ™‚

2. This necklace. My new fave. The girls that sold it to me at the Art Walk told me that the tags are from old detroit factory workers time cards. Very cool. Detroittrash.net

3. Hey! Do ya’ll have twitter? If so, follow me! twitter.com/patriaann I post alllllll day

4. I am such a lucky duck! I will be home in November! A short little trip, but Chicago is just calling my name. I can’t even wait. I have all of my outfits just about planned πŸ™‚

5. Forensic Files. Do you people watch this show?! My mama and I used to watch it every Friday night and the weekend still never feels right unless I watch it. Maybe I can get it on DVD sometime. It’s a weird soothing thing, yet so morbid, why am I obsessed?

6. Ok, have you seen the movie The Fall? Holy shnikes, you must. It is my new fave. I’ve watched it every night since last Wednesday. Beautiful, interesting, funny and I’m in love with the little girl. Gah! I’m watching it again tonight!
(The trailer does not do the movie justice.)

7. Red lips flip you off.

8. My Feather Tattoo. Which makes me want even more. A compass is next. So, I never get lost on my way home.

9. I sent a little package to my best friend. A Patria Playing Card.

10. My Mister Man assisted on the new Brandon Flowers album. Peter Stanislaus, right there!! How awesome is that!?

11. And last, but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARA!! I hope you had such a fun and beautiful day, Pete and I so wish we could have been with you. I bet your picnic day was just the best. I can’t wait to see you when I get home even if it’s only for a little bit. Love you!!