>I love you

by eltomboy


“I meant it when I said I love you”

Tonight was a night for alkaline trio and making something.
I painted this canvas a while back and never knew what to paint over it. This just came to me for whatever reason, but it seemed fitting.

I had the ultimate stay at home weekend that was full of laughter and good times. Watched far too many movies and probably ate a bit too much. And by too much I mean BLT’S at midnights, Chinese food twice, deli sandwiches and a lot of snacking in between. Yeeks! Had a delicious salad today though to try and balance things out haha.

Oh well, life is short, right?

I’m missing home and a lot of people. Wish I could turn my thoughts off sometimes because I keep wandering in and out of homesick memories that make me sad.

Overall a great weekend and I think I’m going to make a cute headband this week because I don’t understand why they cost so much!!

Hope you all had a grand weekend as well and if not, there’s always next week 🙂