by eltomboy

>So, I really miss my computer!!! I still don’t have it fixed, so no music, no pictures, no special folders filled with my favorite images from the interweb, NOTHING! ugh, sucks.

Well, I’m trying to move on as I wait in joyful hope for the day my computer does in fact return to me in it’s normal state, but until then….

We have laundry in our apartment now and I have done laundry every night for the past week I think. I absolutely love it. I never thought it would be so wonderful, but it truly is.
We had to go to laundry mats for the past few years and it is always so stressful and annoying and an overall yuck time.
The only thing I need to figure out now is how to better dry our clothes. It is a euro washer and dryer in one thingy therefore making it impossible to dry everything one hundred percent. I have a great drying rack from Ikea, but I want something a little cuter.
White laundrysource
A good drying daysource
Snow Cyclesource
they had a baby a few months agosource
Beningborough Hall - 'er ladyship's drawerssource
¡Crisis!(IX) Retrasando la jubilación / Delaying retirement.source
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due colori ...source
Lello and bu!!!!!

I think I’m going to staple guns a rope across the top three feet from the ceiling and utilize that, because sheets have to dry somehow!!