>Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?

by eltomboy

>I’m here. 

fuck itsource

Things that are happening on this lovely Labor Day. 

1. Eating 2 fish sticks. Yes only 2. A friend was over the other night and I didn’t want to make too many fish sticks for us, so I left 2 in the box. That is now my lunch. 

2. Listening to Otis Redding Pandora station. I think I found perfection for a lazy Monday. Well for my ears anyway, I don’t know about the rest of me. 

3. Looking EVERYWHERE for those stupid disks that come with your computer when you first buy them to try and aid in the fixing of my stupid computer. It’s like those commercials on TLC that tell you to save your babies cord blood to cure them of all sorts of ailments later in life. That’s like these dumb disks, my computers cord blood. However, I am apparently a bad parent that can’t find em. 

4. I kinda want to go up to my pool, but I don’t feel like going alone today, and I don’t feel like seeing too many people. Sooooooooooo I’ll just mope around the apartment and not put on make up. REBEL!

5. Back to the computer thing, I really wish it worked. 

6. Oh, and do any of you make fancy sauce for your fish sticks? (ketchup and mayo mixed) While my friend that was over the other night, I made up some fancy sauce, but told him it still needed an extra squirt of ketchup on top. To which he said, “you know the jello chocolate puddings with the vanilla swirl in it? That’s like the extra squirt of ketchup that fancy sauce needs.” love! haha

7. I guess I’m kinda needing a lay low kinda day, this week is probably going to kill me, so we’ll just take it bit by bit. I’ll stop feeling like I need to do something to make my first day off in forever extra special.  It is extra special because I don’t have to do anything and that is awesome. 

8. Now if someone could just magically appear and deliver me some beer, I think I’d be content. 

9. And can everyone stop talking about Fall. It just turned summer here. Like just turned summer. So, yes, I love my warm layering clothes, and extra socks and leaves changing and friggin pumpkin spice lattes, but this 90 degree weather makes all of that sound repulsive, so just stop teasing me please!!!!!!!!

That’s all. 

p.s. I just re-read this and I sound so bllllaaaggggghhhhh. huh. so it goes. 

Oh! And have you checked this chick’s stuff out? If not, you most definitely should. Unreal. 

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