>Tight rope walker

by eltomboy

>When I was 16 I wanted to learn to tight rope walk. I mean, who doesn’t? One of my friends just happened to have a set up in his backyard and I spent a summer quite frequently falling off a 3 foot high rope.

Every once in a while though I would get it. I could do it. I was getting decent. And then the summer ended and I no longer practiced and I probably couldn’t do it any longer even if I tried, but a very old and dear friend sent me this picture this evening and my heart just ka-thumped.

It’s been a long time since then, but wow, the memories rush back so quickly it could almost knock ya flat!
It’s been a while since I’ve reminisced because I am so wrapped up in my current, busy life, but every once in a while the universe wants to remind you of something you thought you had forgotten.
Tonight of all nights, I needed to remember that at one point in my life, one beautiful midwest summer, I wanted to tight rope walk. And tight rope walk I did 🙂