>Gin and Ginger.

by eltomboy


Far too many pictures of me! As soon as this computer is back up and running I should be posting regular pictures of thrift shop finds and projects. You’ll just have to see my pretty face for a while 🙂

Drinking gin and gingers tonight. Catching up on bills and documentaries.

I also have to get on mending a few shirts for the boys at the studio and making some new pjs for myself. I’ve been jonesing for a new pair of comfy around the house pants. Sometimes it’s super nice to know how to sew and make whatever you want. I really want to get into hand sewing some delicate dresses or something. That’s a whole notha endeavor that is just not happening tonight!

Anyways, I’m sad that people are already saying it feels like fall in some places especially because it never even felt like summer in the first place. I don’t know who said socal had the best weather, but they were definitely lying. It’s overcast and rarely above 73 everyday:( I want a blazing hot summer and a freezing winter. Guess I need to move?

Someday, for now I’ll just bitch about the most boring weather ever.