by eltomboy

>My computers in the computer hospital getting fixed and blogging from my phone isn’t very satisfying. Especially because my camera can’t plug into it. And iPhone 3 pictures just aren’t the same when you’ve seen iPhone 4 pictures.


This was the beginning stages of trying to fix the computadora.

My boss whose identity will be revealed soon has asked me to blog for work. Her and my fellow employee were beginning to blog through me vicariously. Blog this, blog that, and I just don’t want to mix this with that ya know? The truth is I don’t really tell anyone about this blog for some reason. I don’t know why. I’m quite proud of it and think people like me, but I get all shy and feel I’m being judged. Does that make sense? So I’ve had this blog for over a year and never once told my boss who I love and see everyday because I thought she would think it is dumb.
I sound dumb just saying that!
So anyways, as soon as I get the work blog up and running I’ll let you know and you can see all the nonsense that happens over there. Skirts for lady gaga, trips to London, pattern making day in and day out. Sometimes I forget how exciting fashion can sound. Especially when I’m the one in the trenches!

Oh! And happy happy day to Elsie over at beautifulmess and Mr. Jeremy Larson! They’re engaged!! It’s probably going to blow up the blogosphere with cuteness!