>my weekend was marvelous

by eltomboy

>Something is dreadfully wrong with my iPhoto, and flickr is annoying me so this post will go without posting. It feels so NAKED! That’s not the worst thing though, is it?

Anyways, I had such a good weekend, I feel it needs to be bullet pointed.

-(I already forgot what Pete and I did before the main event of Friday night, which is precisely the point of blogging to try and remember all the good little details!)

-Downtown Los Angeles, to North Hollywood, to San Bernardino, to North Hollywood, to Downtown Los Angeles.

-Noise show at Seahorse Studios. Fecking unreal.

-Quote “His eyes weren’t seeing, they were feeling” (true exchange between Jessie and I)

-Parked outside liquor store, eating a whopper, Chris and Jessie go into the shady store to buy some beer. Then someone from inside the store stands at the door and whistles to someone outside. Then the interior lights go off. Then I had the feeling I’d never see my friends again. I couldn’t stop chowing down on my whopper though. Friends emerge moments later with a 12 pack. Everyone lived. My whopper was good.

-I saw the son of the guy that invented the modern day synthesizer. True story.

-My boyfriend admitted to liking the Dixie Chicks.

-Picked up bros to go to the Annenberg Space for Photography.

-Was serenaded by some guy in a t-shirt with an American flag on it, so I didn’t even mind how annoying he was with his headset on.

-Saw the year’s best in photo journalism. Impressive.

-Hung out on couches and talked about high school with buddies from home. We all grew up so similar, yet so different. 

-Was persuaded into buying the most expensive food for my cat.

-Was “checked out” waiting in line.

-Tasted a snickers ice cream bar, pretty much gagged.

-Washed my car.

-Ate Tinga for the first time in my life. Yummmmmmmm.

-Drank far too much and was the first to sleep. I hate that.

-Had a girl sleep over at my house for the first time. Along with a boy. Have to keep it balanced.

-Drove through Topanga Canyon behind an eclipse. Ruined the fun driving experience.

-Had to listen to far too much car conversation between boys. Yuck.

-Saw the Pacific Ocean.

-Smelled the Pacific Ocean.

-Walked Abbot Kinney. Almost died in a couple of stores from the intense desire to buy everything in sight. Someday.

-Had delicious mint lemonade, that ended up making me sick to my stomach and I almost ralphed all over. It coulda been epic.

-Craved salmon like you would not believe.

-From Downtown Los Angeles, to Atwater Village, to North Hollywood, to Topanga Canyon, to Venice, to North Hollywood, to Mar Vista to Downtown Los Angeles.

-Found a farmers market and had some unreal tamales. I was happy.

-Had Beef Wellington for the first time. Surprisingly pleased considering my various issues with eating meat.

-Hung out around a kitchen table, classic feeling of home. It’s getting close.

-Watched Mad Men. Freaked out. It’s going to be so good.

Those are the major points of my weekend. We really pack it in 🙂 It’s been getting better and better and I’m falling in love with the people around me and the things we are doing. I couldn’t be in a better place right now and I hope it stays like this for a long time. Life is good.