by eltomboy

>Tonight while talking to a friend that was looking at a night of absolute thrills and excitement (sarcasm, he might have just stared at a wall had I not come up with this, serious) This is our conversation.

me: Why don’t you draw me a picture to hang in my house?

him: I would never just draw something for you to hang up unless I was spending time to do so.

me: Why?

him: idk. I have a standard and most quick drawing don’t reach it.

me: It’ll be a trade.

him: If I spend time on it that’s different.

me: No. Something from tonight. It can only be something from tonight.
       What does it matter?
       Artist to Artist. 
     It’s a challenge. 

him: ah poop
me: Can’t turn down a challenge now can ya?

So here are the Rule-io’s
1.) It cannot take more than 5 hours to complete. (thus it has to be entirely thought up and made tonight)
2.) It can be ANY medium.
3.) It has to be able to be displayed somehow. (something as simple as a piece of paper will work. Tape, people)
4.) It can be anything.
5.)You have to trade it NO MATTER WHAT this weekend.
6.) It must be wrapped. Surprise factor, hellloooo. 

Easy peasey, yeah? I already have my staple gun out, so who knows what’ll happen. I’m pretty excited. Can’t wait to see what comes from it. Especially because the other artist in question has created such work as this….

   I’ll take pictures this weekend, I’m seriously so stoked! We’ll see what will be gracing my walls by Sunday 🙂 No pressure!