>Raised by a village

by eltomboy

>I am a girl that was raised by a village. I was born into a family of 20 aunts and uncles off the bat. No joke. My parents both come from families of 10. Yes. 10 brothers and sisters. For both my mama and my dad. And get this, my dad had 8 brothers and only 1 sister. Can you believe it!?
Now, not only do I have 20 immediate blood relatives, the majority of them are married. Which makes even more, somewhere around 35. Then I have cousins. Tons of them. All ages.  Oh, and a lot of them live within a 20 mile radius of where I grew up.

So, I came into this world pretty well connected wouldn’t you say? Whenever there was a problem, there was someone to ask, whenever you needed a ride, there was someone to call, whenever I wanted to eat, I had some place to eat. Everyone of them is different and always had their own special way of giving advice, or opinion, or guidance and it’s funny that for my entire life when something came up there was an entire audience that heard my situation and gave their varied advice and help. And somehow when something happened between just my parents and I, or my brother and I, inevitably the ENTIRE family would hear about it and become involved in some way. I was scolded, hollered at, put on time out, anything that my parents could do any one of my family members could do as well. Taught me respect I suppose.  🙂

Anyways, the real point of this post, is how no matter what, no matter how far away you think you are from your family, they are all still there and everyone will still do what they always do. And that is, be family.

The other day I called my mama with a very personal medical issue that came up (it’s really not a big deal, I just needed to ask her what she thought I should do) and literally within 3.6 seconds, my dad was on the phone and in the time I was telling him what I had just told my mama, she told someone else, who then got on the phone with me, and I had to repeat the story yet again, and so 3 people knew at this point, and then I hear people in the background shouting advice, and I’m trying to talk about symptoms to my mama again and hear what the other one is trying to tell me to get from the pharmacy and over that I hear my dad telling yet another person, and
god. everyone knows. So much for privacy, huh?

I just love little moments like that because when you sit back and look at the big picture, you can finally see why it is the way you are.

I was raised by a village. I will always have that village no matter what. It’s a good feeling and I’m working on creating my own little village because I feel when I have kids some day they should be raised similarly.

I know it’s completely obnoxious to put up an xmas picture in relation to family, but I really like this one. me a few cousins 🙂