by eltomboy

>My best friend told me the most meaningful, loving and caring thing ever. Mind you he is not really the, um, sensitive type. He is rough around the edges, quick as a whip, honest no matter what, and sometimes in the most desperate of times, not the most fun to listen to.

Today turned into a bit of a suck fest for me and I could not, for the life of me snap out of it. And as always I turn to my trusty friend to withstand the worst of me. He is a god damn saint I tell ya.

After all was said and done, he straightened me out in his own special way, therefore getting the biggest smile of the day, and making me feel a thousand times better.

Then he dropped this bomb on me.

“Any port in a storm with you”

And my knees went a little weak.

Storm 6

Storm 5

Storm 4

Storm 3

Storm 2


I definitely am getting this tattoo. As soon as I have the money :$