>Inspiration Boards

by eltomboy


I finally covered my cork boards with fabric and images I love. I have them hanging right next to the fridge, probably the most visited place in the apartment, so I’m reminded of my favorite things often. Along with favorite images, usually favorite food too. 🙂

Do you like how they are hung a little crooked? God forbid I use a ruler or anything.

Actually, I think I might have. Oh well. I blame it on the string things that hold the dang cork board up.

I think I measured those, too, though.

Whatever, inspiration is being hung on the wall! What does it matter if it is crooked or not!?

Anyways, I have always loved having magazine clippings and photos and little do hickeys all around and this is a nice way to have it all contained in one area. This apartment is getting more and more decorated and I am falling in love with it more and more as the months go by. If only there was a little fresh food market right around the corner. Now that would be perfect. 🙂