by eltomboy


When we first arrived there was a huge thunder, lightning, rain storm. I am a little scared of lightning, some weird thing must have happened to me when I was little because I’m convinced I am going to get electrocuted. I wanted to take pictures so bad, but kept cowering behind my guy, it was preeetttyyy funny. It’s a really bizzare thing to be scared of, but whatever, we all have our issues don’t we?

The sunset after the storm was really worth it though. A fisher jumped right out on the water as soon as the rain cleared.

 I love this picture of my guy and his stepmom. The lighting is perfect.

 That is Grandpa Gene cookin’ up some bacon for us in the morning. How cute is he with his kitchen towel bib?

This is the majority of the family hanging around making brats, and burgers and all sorts of other goodies on the grill. Yumm, I miss having regular midwest food, so I had two brats loaded up with kraut and mustard, I couldn’t help myself!

And this is Mr. Dad, my guys dad, they took a couple of artsy shots of each other both holding up their cameras. They are so cool. 🙂

 My guy and his footlong hotdog. And then trying to figure a way to close up the whiskey bottle so we could fly with it back to LA. It involved, a lighter, some shoelaces and plastic bags. That’s some McGyver shit right there.

And then we found the leather place. Pete got a belt with our cat’s name on it. Weirdo, yes. Very cute, yes. Only in the midwest, yes.

And then on our flight back, when I was really sad and despondent, I saw these magnificent clouds. I probably annoyed all of the other passengers snapping pictures like crazy, I just couldn’t help it!

I was so happy to get out of Los Angeles, and into some normal weather, with some normal people doing normal things. Everyone needs a break every once in a while. I just need to find a job that lets me have months off at a time! Any suggestions?