>Day Trippers

by eltomboy

>On Saturday, the guy and one of great friends decided to day trip it. I needed to get the hell out of Los Angeles, in the worst way possible, so I did it. I told the guy the night before that I was going with or without him. At first I had big dreams of driving all the way up to Big Sur, but with two guys in tow we just made it up to San Luis Obispo area. It was perfect though.

Gum Wall

This is a gum alley in the pretty little town of San Luis Obispo. It was such a funny surprise. We parked the car and were cruising around looking for lunch and just happened upon it. Literally the entire alleyway, from ground to as high up on the building that people could reach was COVERED in gum. People wrote things in gum, and drew things in gum. It was so weird and funny at the same time.

Morro Bay Rock

This is Morro Bay. Just a short ways out of San Luis Obispo, is this beautiful place. Originally the boys saw this big rock and were like “how do we get there?” So, then we went right, left, right, straight, right, left again and managed to find our way to the gravel road that leads you directly to this GINORMOUS rock. It really was quite the find.


The guy caught me off guard here, if you can’t tell. This is so out of character for him, and I obviously am loving it! We were all in such a good mood and having so much fun it was an amazing day.


I’m trying to balance.

I really was.


Ky managed to scale this rock, how I don’t know. My back was turned and next thing I know he’s up on top. This picture does no justice for how big the rock was.


And Ky picked up crabs from the tide pool and named them all.



And so on and so forth.

Rock Seagull

We were sad to leave, but knew the time had come. šŸ™‚

Then we drove to Santa Barbara for dinner and had the most amazing fish right on the ocean front at the Pier. It was the perfect end to a perfect day.

I have to say the most weird thing was feeling so LA when in another town. I felt like we looked like a raucous gang of hoodlums wherever we went. It was strange. We obviously don’t fit into the usual crowd, which is good, but definitely noticeable when you leave your element.
Not in a bad way, but in a way that made me reflect a little bit. That’s always good, right?